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Kickstarter Launched!

Its been a big work in progress for the last month of so, but the kickstarter to fund the Master Tailor's book publication has finally launched! Katherine Barich and I have been working hard on the manuscript over the last 6 months along with arranging all the details for the photographs and permissions. We are very excited to make this book a reality!

Here's the Kickstarter link where you can read more about it, and watch the video: Drei Schnittbücher: 3 16th c Austrian Master Tailor Books

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Home again

Had a great time teaching this weekend at the Atlantian Costume Symposium in Front Royal VA this weekend on "What the Tross Really Wore" and "Cutting Secrets of 16th c German Master Tailors".
I post more frequent updates on my Facebook page, The Curious Frau, because I'm lazy and Facebook is easier to post on. I should remember to post over here more often, but that takes work!

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Mobile test post

So, I got a tablet for my up coming trip to Germany,  and this is a test post.

Yay! It works!


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The Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice

Yes, I'm on the hunt for a source, so I keep finding all SORTS of interesting things, which aren't exactly what I'm looking for, but are too good not to share!

The Bohemain Reformation and Religious Practice "is a series of biennial conferences dedicated to the study of the Bohemian Reformation."  and thankfully, they have put all of their conference proceedings online. :)  There's some really great sources in there if Bohemia is your area of interest. 

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Medieval Memoria Online (from the Netherlands)

I know I mainly keep to German topics, but this was just too cool not to share. There's a project out of the Netherlands called the Medieval Memoria Online (MeMO) to "help scholars in carrying out research into memoria during the period up to the Reformation (c. 1580) in the area that is the present-day country of the Netherlands."

To assist memoria scholars MeMO has therefore catalogued the following different types of sources:

  • memorial registers
  • narrative sources regarding medieval memorial practices
  • memorial images
  • tomb monuments and tomb slabs

These sources have been described in great detail in two databases that will be part of the online application; one concerning the written texts and one concerning the objects. In addition, the application will also contain a database with basic information on the institutions from which the described sources originate.

The project is not finished yet, hopefully in 2013, but some of the work is already online. Click on the banner images to access the separate research areas.


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